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What do we stand for?

  • More JobsMore Jobs

  • Protecting Our Open SpacesProtecting Green Spaces

  • Better SchoolsBetter Schools

  • Supporting Jobs Locally to Create a Stronger Economy

    Thanks to a brilliant partnership between local firms and Liberal Democrat ministers, 1,600 apprenticeships have been created in our area. This splits the cost between government and the company and gives young people a first step on the career ladder.

    Since the election 1.4m jobs have been created nationally and the number claiming unemployment benefit in Maidstone is down to below 2%. This is in part due to Liberal Democrats insisting on investment in infrastructure along with green and high tech research.

    Tax cuts pushed through by the Liberal Democrats have ensured that an average two-earner family pays £1,400 less in income tax every year. This has encouraged more people off benefit and into work and has benefited over 70,000 thousand local people.

    Defending our role in Europe: 6,000 jobs in this constituency depend on trade with the continent.

    Jasper Gerard with apprentices

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